Must-Do Wildlife & Aurora Photography Tours in Norway

Looking for wildlife and aurora photography tours in Norway? Visit Lofoten Islands for the best of the best!

Lofoten Islands are characterized by stretches of seashore, large virgin areas, and stunning peaks. My time in Lofoten Islands was absolutely breathtaking. I will never forget the spectacular landscapes I saw there.

You must see the wondrous aurora and the beautiful unspoiled wildlife of Lofoten Islands. It’s the best experience to view them alongside the Arctic fjords and villages.

During my time in Lofoten I was introduced to Odd-Petter Tanke Jensen, one of the best professional nature and photography guides in Northern Norway. He took my friend and me on a sea eagle safari tour unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

The tour is run by Svinoya Robuer at BaseCamp Lofoten and departs from Svolvaer. It is a two-hour boat ride into the magnificent Trollfjord. All passengers are outfitted to keep warm. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the icy breeze grazing your skin as you peer out into the steep mountains.

During the tour, passengers can experience fishing in the Norwegian sea and feeding seagulls from the palm of their hands.

The most beautiful moment of the tour was when the guides began throwing fish out into the sea and slowly but surely, majestic eagles came swooping down from beyond the peaks. Each gracefully touching the water before ascending into the horizon again.

wildlife-aurora-photography-tour-in-norway |

lofoten-sea-eagles-safari-tour |

These rare and beautiful birds are a sight to see! I couldn’t believe how close they were to the boat! The span of their wings and swiftness of their hunt left us all wide-eyed. You look around and all the passengers were excitedly pointing to the sky, grinning cheeks to cheeks.

This being my first safari, I was so blown away by the experience! We were at SEA between mountain ranges. An unforgettable Norway wildlife tour that’s both ethical and enjoyable.

To book the sea eagle safari at 800 NOK, visit Svinyoa here. You can also contact Odd-Petter here with your inquiries. He’s incredibly friendly and SO knowledgeable about Lofoten Islands. We also picked his brain about taking wildlife photos.

Odd-petter’s main excursions are actually aurora photography tours. He’s called the Aurora Jager – never gives up and finds the aurora every time! Groups will embark on thrilling aurora chase to the BEST spots in Lofoten Islands. You’ll spend the night with a real and professional aurora hunter. How cool is that?

Here are some of Odd-Petter Tanke Jensen’s aurora photos:

wildlife-aurora-photography-tours-in-norway | Odd-Petter tanke

aurora-night-photography-lofoten-islands | Odd-Petter Tanke

aurora at night in lofoten norway | Odd-Petter Tanke

horse-riding-aurora-tour | Odd-Petter Tanke














Breathtaking right? The tour ranges from 6-8 hours at a cost of NOK1495. The groups are small, the nights are long, and the results are WORTH IT!

I visited Norway at the tail-end of aurora season so I did not get to see it but I hope you do! Another incredible experience is horse riding under the aurora sky with Hov Hestegard. The riding center takes care of Icelandic horses on the island of Gimsoy. Imagine a beautiful sea and sky view as you ride into the night.

For questions regarding these experiences and other things to do in Lofoten Islands, reach out to Odd-Petter Foto og Guiding. Can’t recommend him enough!

Thanks for reading the post and hope to see your Norway wildlife and aurora photos soon!

Must-do wildlife and aurora photography tours in Norway! |

I was given a complimentary sea safari tour but all opinions are my own. For more things to do in Norway, watch the Norway travel vlog series here!

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