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Royalty Free Music For Youtube That Don’t Suck – Youtube Free Music For Monetization

Looking for royalty free music for Youtube videos? Here’s how to find youtube free music to monetize your heart away!

Hey there! I run a travel and food channel called CupofTJ. When I first started out, I was picking through Youtube’s copyright free music library that consisted of great elevator tunes…but nothing that really vibed with the content I was creating.

When I started looking at music libraries such as Soundcloud to find music for Youtube, I’d get slap with copyright claims left and right. Some even stripped away the entire audio from my videos- not just the parts with tunes. I was struggling to create good content without stressing over the copyright music policies on Youtube.

That’s until I found the BEST (no, seriously, it’s legit AF) music audio library for film and video production. It’s filled with HUNDREDS of royalty free music to level up your Youtube channels. Best of all – you can monetize from day one.

Royalty Copyright Youtube Free Music

Epidemic Sound is the largest professionally curated music library offering a FULL integration solution for your Youtube videos.

You’ll get access to unlimited amounts of 100% youtube free music for ALL your channels.

For Youtubers using Epidemic Sound, choose the Youtube subscription track at $15 per month, per channel.

Epidemic Sound Royalty Free Music Subscription Sign Up

At first, I thought this subscription fee was high but then I realized it’s a small fee to pay for unlimited amounts of youtube free music. No more copyright claims and the stress of getting the videos removed. Phew.

To try it, you can sign up and get your FREE 30-day trial here.

Start using royalty free music for youtube!

I’ve been using Epidemic Sound for a little over a year now and it’s saved me an incredible amount of time searching for usable music. As Youtube creators, we know the importance of music in elevating our content.

My favorite part of Epidemic Sound is the albums of curated music for Youtube creators.

Epidemic Sound Music for Youtube Creators

From female acoustics for soft and heartfelt videos to pop vocals and energized beats for party or travel vlogs – this music library has it all!

Acoustics Music for Youtube Videos






Pop Vocals for Youtube Videos

You can also browse by genres and moods. Need comedy? A splash of country? Or some latin spice? Or is your video laid back or romantic? Find the copyright free tunes you need on Epidemic.

To see some a Youtube video using sick Epidemic Sound COPYRIGHT FREE (can I emphasize that enough?) music, watch this vlog I filmed  in the Philippines:

Don’t forget to try out Epidemic Sound by signing up here.

Start your 30-day free trial and level up with youtube free music!

Here's how to find copyright free music for Youtube that don't suck. |

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