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3 Online Tools Every Travel Vlogger Needs [Youtube Essentials]

Starting a travel Youtube channel? There essential online tools to help elevate your content and rocket grow your channel. Here are 3 online tools every travel vlogger needs!

Hi, I’m TJ – a quirky food and travel vlogger. Since 2017, I grew my subscriber base from 7,000 to 61,000, with 6 million+ views. I also grew my belly from filming all those street eats 😂

Today I want to share with you 3 essential youtube tools for starting and growing creators. From music to elevate your travel content to extensions that’ll show you the best time to publish on Youtube. Full disclosure, the links below are affiliate links. If you sign up using these links, a small commission goes towards supporting my channel. Thank you for your love, fellow creator!

Now, let’s begin. Here are the 3 online tools every travel vlogger needs:

Online Tools Every Travel Vlogger Needs

Optimize and Grow Your Youtube Channel

Tubebuddy is a free browser extension that integrates directly into Youtube to help you run your channel with ease.

Tubebuddy features for travel vloggers

They have a variety of epic features that will drastically improve the way you navigate Youtube interface. It’ll also improve your stats and help you grow the right way.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the surest way to bump your video to the top of the search pages. TubeBuddy have an impressive selection of Video SEO Tools from keyword rank tracking, suggested tags, tag lists to tag explorer.

If you’re going to film in a particular country, enter the country name in the Tag Explorer to see what people are searching. You can then tailor your content to the keywords. For example, if I’m headed to Norway:

cupoftj tubebuddy youtube tag explorer

You’ll see a variety of searches that you can then use as your title.

In addition, Tubebuddy’s data & research features are ridiculously impressive.They’ll calculate the best time to publish a video according to your channel analytics.

With the nature of travel vlogging, your subscriber base is probably international and living in all different timezones. So if you’re wondering what’s the best time to publish on Youtube for your worldy viewers – this feature is for you.

Install Tubebuddy on your browser today!

Find Copyright Free Music For Youtube That Don’t Suck

If you’ve been a victim of Youtube’s copyright claim, raise hand 🙋

I know the struggle of finding good music for your Youtube videos that are copyright free. There are some out there and Youtube offers a library of instrumental tunes; however, most are outdated and don’t capture the emotions a travel vlog needs.

Introducing the BEST music audio library for film and video production.

Youtube Copyright Free Music Online Tools Every Travel Vlogger Needs

Epidemic Sound is filled with hundreds of royalty free music to level up your Youtube videos. Best of all – you can monetize from day one.

For us vloggers, Epidemic Sound starts at $15 per month for unlimited amounts of youtube free music. It gets better.

The songs from Epidemic library are LIT. No really. From soulful soft house to funky jazz to pop songs with actually great lyrics, Epidemic Sound has them all.

You can sign up here and get a free 30-day trial.  Start adding the RIGHT music to your vlogs.

Good music will elevate your content.

Let Subscribers Financially Support Your Channel

Patreon is a platform that allows people to support creators on a recurring basis. For example, a subscriber can choose to give $1 everytime you upload a video OR $5 every month.

Youtube Patreon Page Online Tools Every Travel Vlogger Needs

For travel vloggers, Patreon can be a tricky thing. First of all, there’s getting over the guilt of asking people for financial support. What creators have to realize is that they are providing value with their videos. From daily vlogs to how-tos and guide videos, creators are spending thousands of their own money to push out content at the expense they will get nothing back.

Your content provides entertainment, inspiration, and information for hundreds of people online. The same way people fund art, your art deserves funding too.

Secondly, remember that your subscribers and viewers want to support you. They love you and appreciate the hours you put in to create the work you create.

Patreon Youtube Online Tools Every Travel Vlogger Needs

Patreon gives people who love your videos a way to support you. Start building your Patreon page today.

I hope these three online tools will help you in building your travel Youtube channel. Remember the most important thing is to keep uploading. I’ll catch you next time creators!

Here are 3 online tools every travel vlogger needs! |

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