Q&A: On how I edit, overcoming fear…and my boyfriend?

Recently I collected a bunch of questions over social media and sat down with a 3 piece chicken meal to answer them. You asked questions on overcoming fear, editing my photos & videos, being yourself, my boyfriend…and toes? Get all the juiciness here:


To keep the Q&A video under 15 minutes, I’m responding to the rest of your awesome questions here. And as always, I’ll keep it 100% real.


robbysgay: what’s your favorite place?

My favorite place has got to be Bolivia. It’s such a raw country, full of culture and interesting political history. Also, fruit smoothies for $1 – hayyyyyy! I felt the urge to deeply explore the city and interact with the locals. I even took extensive Spanish lessons for that purpose. There’s something mythical about this country – I highly recommend putting Bolivia on your travel list!

kevmar08: How do you stay focused when traveling?

Ouch this is such a hard one, I think I’m still trying to figure it out. So far the easiest thing has been setting 3 to-dos to accomplish for the week. One of them is always to edit/upload a video.

tarnizle: Hi TJ, ur story is truly inspiring. What is the biggest trade off you made to join Remote Year (apart from you selling everything)??

WOW, this question made me think! The biggest tradeoff, and this is a little vague, is losing certainty. Before I was certain I’d get a paycheck every two weeks, that I can have a hot shower and sleep in a comfy bed, and that I’ll see my friends every week. Now I don’t know when I get my next freelance project to earn money, I don’t know if my shower in the morning will be freezing cold or act like a broken sprinkler, and I am unsure when I’ll see my loved ones again. It’s both frightening and liberating.

clothes.jpeg: how do you plan your trips so that both your soul and your wallet are happy?

Heheh, love the way you phrased this question! Oh gosh I’m going to be honest here, most places I’ve visited I’ve found them on Instagram. Seriously! Following a ton of travel photographers, they’ve taken me to places I never knew existed. Now every time I see a photo of a surreal destination, I want to go there myself, and take a photo there myself. Having my own photo version of some place – even if it’s a popular tourist attraction – makes spending the money and the time to get there all worth it. Combine passion with money and you can’t go wrong.


homsweethom: What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I’m a total book junkie, my favorite books that inspired me to take chances and be who I am today are the following:

Besides that I also watch 5-10 Youtube videos a day – from big Youtubers to people who just uploaded their first video.

jobosapien: what is the most embarassing thing you’re willing to publicly post on Instagram?

I’m a total feed nazi. Will absolutely post nothing embarrassing that disrupts my photography!

mugg_bugg: Do you miss me?

All day, everyday.

sophiestacated: Can you bring back some cheese 🙂

When I come back, and if you remind me :).

martinbs3: do you have a friend, role model, or mentor in social media or comedy, that inspires you?

There’s this wonderful human being named Martin that inspires me constantly. He is sweet, he is intelligent, and he is humble.

Another role model is my mom. She is brave, feisty, and have spent majority of her life taking care of a pain in the ass named TJ. I admire her courage and selflessness. I am blessed to have her in my life.

perrli: kanye or drake? what came first – chicken or egg?

Drake, and the egg.

Faye Tandog: In all the places you’ve been to, which has the best KFC?

Taiwan, for sure! Honestly, all of Asia have amazing KFCs.

Sharon lin: Describe your first experience giving a blumpkin.

No, you tell me first. I want to hear it from a pro.

Tiago Almeida: What’s your favourite shampoo smell?



isantoshtv: Any video editing and mixing tool which i can learn and make a video in a day?

Of course! These are some recommendations of phone apps that you can use to make a video a day. On iOS, I recommend iMovie, Vivavideo, and Splice. On Android, I recommend Magisto, Adobe Premiere Clip and Vivavideo.

See the rest of thoughtful, some derpy questions answered here.

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