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Travel Accessories For Women. Ladies, you’ll need this!

Calling all female travelers! Here’s a list of my favorite travel accessories for women:

I’m a tiny five-foot Asian girl with a serious case of wanderlust. Even though I consider myself quite feisty and courageous, I have to admit traveling the world isn’t exactly the safest or sometimes cleanest for us female travelers.

Not only do we have to be extra cautious of our surroundings but we also get greeted by Mother Nature every month bearing red gifts (ya know what I’m sayin). Don’t even get me started on maintaining our skin and hair! To keep up with hygiene, safety, and comfort/style, I’ve found several products that worked brilliantly for me while hopping countries:

Hygiene Travel Accessories

1. Diva Cup

travel accessories for women diva cup

Throw out them pads and dart away those tampons ladies! Diva Cup is a reusable lifesaver that cups your period. It’s been vouched by a ton of lady travelers around the globe. Although you have to get a little more personal with Diva Cup, it’s eco friendly and saves you the hassle of lugging around TOM products while you travel.

This video will show you up close and personal instructions on how Diva Cup can be used.

2. Dry Shampoo

travel accessories for women dry shampoo

When we’re traveling our hair can go through all kinds of weather conditions and maybe even a day or two before proper shower accommodations. Trust me, I spent a few days in some sand dunes in South America without running water. Dry Shampoo takes out the oil and adds some volume to our hair when we’re feeling a little icky. The powder feels a lot less heavy for me than an aerosol can.

I use Aveda’s dry shampoo powder. In fact, all my hair products are Aveda because it is an international brand and I have a higher chance of finding it at a foreign country. They are also all plant-based products!

PRO TIP: Here’s a cheaper alternative dry shampoo for dark hair. Or baby powder also works great as a dry shampoo alternative!

3. Coconut Oil

travel accessories for women coconut oil

The holy grail and the absolute must-have is THIS coconut oil. Why? It can be used as a body moisturizer, a restorative hair mask, and even a cooking alternative. You can even just eat it straight! Viva Labs Coconut Oil is rich in MTC, a fatty acid proven to be a superb source of energy. It’s organic, non-GMO and cold-pressed. My favorite use for this is as a leave-in conditioner.

PRO TIP: Only 3.4 ounce (100 millimeters) of liquids, gel and lotions are allowed in your carry-on. Because the smallest Viva Labs Coconut Oil size comes in 16-oz, you’d have to scoop some out into a travel safe tube. My favorite brand is humangear. Or don’t forget, you can pick up packs of tubes for just a $1 as shown in my dollar travel essentials video. Holla fo a dolla!

Safety Travel Accessories

1. Whistle

female travel accessories yellow whistle

A whistle can come in handy in various situations. If you’re locked in somewhere, the whistle is an easy tool to get the attention of nearby help. If you’re a nature, hiking type-of-girl, there’s a chance you can get lost during the hike. Even worst, chased or attacked by wildlife. This whistle works brilliantly to make known of your location and product a sound loud enough to scare off approaching animals. Yes, also to scare off sketchy strangers!

2. Door Stop

travel accessories for women grey doorstop

If you’re hostel hopping or staying at hotels in underpopulated areas, having a door stop can provide that extra step of security that can go a long way. I feel a lot safer having my door jammed. While this seems a little silly for most, that extra “stop” when pushing the door open can warn off robbers trying to enter your room.

3. Mini LED Flashlight

best travel accessories for women led flashlight

While most of us have our smartphones to use as a flashlight, this particular mini LED flashlight can be used as a protection tool. Walking home at night in the dark can be frightening. If you notice someone following you, beam the flashlight at them. That 140lm flash will stop followers in their track.

Style & Comfort Travel Accessories

1. Walking Shoes (Ecco or Tieks)

travel accessories for women ecco tan sandalsbest travel accessories for women tieks flats

I made the terrible mistake of walking in my Converse while backpacking through Eastern Europe. My feet were ruined! My friend who did the same but in Toms had an even worst experience. Moral of the story? BUY GOOD QUALITY SHOES! Actually, GREAT quality shoes. Your feet is the most important tool for traveling, take magnificent care of it.

My favorite shoes brand for traveling is Ecco. The sole is thick and it’s very stylish for walking shoes when compared to those tan strappy sandals that you’d walk by at the mall and scold at. I own two pair of boots and two pairs of sandals from Ecco. I can walk in them for hours and still feel as if my feet are ready for more walking. They are pricey but they are an investment. I’d rather buy a pair of Ecco for $100 and walk for months than a crappy one for $15 and have it tear apart while hurting my baby feet.

If you’re a flats type of girl, invest in a good pair of Tieks. Tieks are vouched by a ton of female travelers for the best everyday footwear. It’s classy, it’s foldable, and incredibly comfy. Again on the pricier side but remember – don’t go cheap on your travel shoes!

2. Sarong

travel accessories for women black sarong

Need a coverup for a day at the beach? A quick dress to throw on for a day out? Need an extra shawl or blanket? Need a wrap to fit into a region’s cultural wear? Introducing the Sarong. The Sarong is an all-purpose lightweight wearable material that’s one size fit all. This is going to be incredibly handy in most destinations around the world. It’s a good clothing item to have on hand.

3. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket

travel uniqlo ultra light down jacket

Uniqlo is another brand I adore. One day when I was going out I looked down and my entire outfit was from Uniqlo. Yes, I’m obsessed. Here’s why:

  • It’s cheap compared to other camping or backpacking brand.
  • It has all the basics a traveler needs from thermals to plain tees to heated leggings.
  • For the price, the quality is mind-blowing. Not to mention, a ton of color variety!

It recently came out with a light jacket that can be folded into a small pouch. Waterproof, light and compressible? Take my money. It’s the perfect travel companion for when you need light protection OR an extra heated layer.

Alright my lady travel bugs, hope this guide was helpful in providing you recommendations for must-have travel accessories. If I stumble on more, I’ll add them to the list. Have other products you’d vouch for? Share in the comments below. Now go take on the world and spread that girl power!

Heart to heart: Some links here are affiliate links. If you do make a purchase, a small percentage goes back to supporting this blog at no additional cost for you. Your love and support really does make a difference. You’re the bee’s knees, travel bug!

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