10 BEST Things to Do in Kunming – Yunnan, China Travel Guide

Yunnan, China Travel Guide on 10 BEST Things to Do in Kunming! From the unbelievable landscape of Stone Forest to endless views at Grand View Park, Kunming is one of the TOP cities to visit in China.

Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province of China, known as the City of Eternal Spring. Picture pleasant flowers that shower the land with colors all year long!

I recently visited Kunming courtesy of the tourism board and cannot recommend the city enough! From temples to national parks, there is something to do in Kunming for traveler of every kind.

Here are the 10 best things to do in Kunming, China:

1. Stone Forest – must-visit destination in Kunming

A magnificent park of limestone formations 270 MILLION year old. A forest of STONE. These towering rocks will leave you speechless as you walk through what seems to be an endless maze. One of the most gorgeous geological parks in the world.

Kunming Stone Forest Park - 10 Best Things to Do in Kunming | Kunming Stone Forest Park |

2. Endless City Views at Grand View Park

Looking for a panoramic view of Kunming? Visit the Grand View Park, or Daguan Park, by the shore of Dianchi Lake. Get spectacular view at this wonderfully peaceful Kunming attraction.

Grand View Park | Grand View Park Window View | Grand View Park Temple View - 10 Best Things to do in Kunming | Grand View Park |

3. Take a stroll around local’s favorite Kunming Green Lake Park

I saw the craziest thing at this park…a tornado of SEAGULLS! Look at this!

Green Lake Park View | Green Lake Park Seagulls |

This park, consisting of 4 small lakes linked by a traditional Chinese bridge, is a locals’ favorite place for leisure activities. You can feed seagulls, eat local snacks, and enjoy a charming stroll. Such a gem in the bustling city of Kunming!

Green Lake Park Snacks | CupofTJ.comGreen Lake Park Boats |


4. Mystery Caves at Jiuxiang

The Jiuxiang Scenic Area, also known as the Karst Cave Museum, consists of waterfalls, caves, and colorful gorges. It’s absolutely magnificent and will leave you in awe of China’s nature.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area Viewing | Museum of Karst Caves | Jiuxiang Scenic Area, Museum of Karst Caves Inside |

5. Surprising Beauty at Yunnan University

I was very surprised this was at a university! Look at this stunning color!

Yunnan University | Yunnan University Blooms |

Yunnan University is a prestigious university in China. Not only has it trained thousands of wonderfully bright students, it’s also incredibly pretty. Here’s my friend Yuki and I with this wonderful backdrop!

Yunnan University Pic |

6. Breathtaking Hike at Xishan Scenic Spot

Xishan is the largest island on Taihu Lake and is the epitome of China’s gorgeous mountain-and-water landscapes. Take a thrilling cable car ride overlooking vast beauty.

Xishan Cable Car | Xishan Kunming Cable Car View | Don’t forget to stop by the Kunming Dragon Gate, at the top of Xishan, said to give you good luck and prestige!Dragon Gate Kunming | Dragon Gate Kunming View |

7. Culture Blast at Yunnan Nationalities Village

One of my favorite experiences in Kunming was visiting the Yunnan Nationalities Village.

Yunnan Nationalities Village View |

26 ethnic groups share their unique culture, beliefs, dance, and traditions. You will be blown away by Yunnan’s colorful minority groups. From shows to interactive games, the Yunnan Ethnic Village is the epitome of Yunnan’s wonderful customs and cultures. Yunnan Ethnic Village Dance | Yunnan Village Performance |

8. Golden Temple Performace

Although its name is Golden Temple, it is the largest bronze temple in China. Also known as Bronze Tile Temple or The Taoist Golden Temple. We witnessed a dashing traditional Chinese dance battle performance and then dressed up ourselves!

Kunming Golden Temple Entrances | Kunming Golden Temple Performance |

9. Helicopter Ride over Kunming at Haigeng Park

At Haigeng Park in Kunming you can experience one of the most incredible rides of your life…a helicopter ride!

With Kunming being such a beautiful city of water and lush greenery, you can bet yourself this is a view you want to see from above.

Kunming Helicopter Ride | Kunming Helicopter Girl |

10. Hike the Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is around a three-hour drive north of Kunming. It is absolutely worth the trip! While we did not reach the top where it’s covered with snow year-round but you can already tell any part of the hike up will offer you a breathtaking view.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain Hike | Kunming Snow Mountain | Kunming Snow Mountain Lake |

Where to stay in Kunming?

If you’re looking for boutique hotels for the most exquisite vacation, I recommend the Silver Chest Boutique Hotel or the Mengjing Wangyue Boutique Hotel. Both are central to downtown Kunming – perfect location to start your city adventures!

Watch this video tour of Kunming, China!

And if you still can’t get enough of Kunming, check out this video tour of the city. Fall in love with everything that is Yunnan!

Wishing you the most amazing time in Kunming! Although having been there…I know you will fall in LOVE. A big thank you to my friends at Kunming Municipal Tourism Development Commission for this trip and the bloggers that joined including Yuki, Boom, and Derek!

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