cupoftj bio

Nearing the end of 2015 I had two choices: become a program manager at a well-known tech company in San Francisco OR sell my possessions and leave home to pursue my daydreams. I think you know which one I chose!

I started this blog and my Youtube channel as a means to show you and many out there that you CAN take action on your wishes and wants. That you CAN live a fulfilling, adventurous life. While travel is not all glitz and glamour, we’ll give up comfort to dive into unfamiliar surroundings, hustle, and learn how to deal with the many “oh sh*t, I did not see that one coming” parts of life.

I promise you this: I will always add a dash of quirk, a dash of inspo, and a whole lot of heart into the adventures I take you on.


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TJ’s work have been featured on USA TODAY and writings published on Fulfillment Daily, Oppin, Looksharp

For collaborations, projects or work please email cupoftj@gmail.com.