How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver, Canada

how to spend two days in vancouver

Only got 2 days for a gateaway? Here’s how you can spend a weekend in Vancouver – the culinary capital of Canada.

Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s thriving art and music scene along with its naturesque urban vibes have made it a perfect destination for a weekend escape. And gosh, the food there is yum.

PRO TIP: Seattle is only a nice two-threes hours drive down South. Two cities in two days? You’re a daredevil, bro…but why not!

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10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Los Angeles: Coffee Shops & Architecture Galore

girl taking photos with dslr

If you’re a junkie for beautiful architecture, lovely coffee shops, and photo-friendly travel – this guide with 10 instagram-worthy spots in LA is for you!

I had the pleasure of riding down to L.A. with a group of talented, witty, and incredibly good-looking friends! And guess what? I met them all through Instagram. I’d love to share a few of the most instagrammable places my friends and I visited, with photos shot by me or my wonderfully talented friends. Hope this will help you better plan out your next Los Angeles trip! Continue reading

Your Legacy Defined: On Grilled Cheese and What to Leave Behind

cupoftj legacy defined

This post is part of the “Keepin’ It One Hunnit: Life After College” series. We all got to move on somehow. See here for the first essay on dating.

College was simple.

Simple in that my worries were simple – meaning completely irrelevant. I’d worry about my sorority/fraternity drama, I’d worry about my many boys (somewhat being sarcastic here), I’d worry about studies (ok not so much this one), I’d worry about lasting through my apparently very long day of 1 morning class + 2 classes where I’d pretend to take notes but omg cat videos + 3 hours of campus job work just sitting there.

I’d worry about things that honestly do not seem to be a very big deal now. Now the only worries on my mind are work and money. At least, that’s what you’d expect right? But I also worry about something else…and it’s this taunting question of: what is my legacy?

The word “legacy” has a way of bringing up the majestic Lord of the Rings theme song. For some reason I picture myself on a gallant white horse in a full-blown armor riding into sunset yelling, “AND I HAVE LEFT MY MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Oops, sorry. Got carried away.

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Keepin’ It One Hunnit: What Dating After College Is Like

cupoftj dating after college

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Well, anything personal and reflective. I can say I’ve been busy but who hasn’t? There are certainly a lot of things I’ve been meaning to blog about. So much, I’m creating a series called “Keepin’ It One Hunnit”, a compilation of essays of what the post grad life has been for me. Perhaps while reading this, you may find that it’s quite similar to – if not exactly – the way you feel too.

We’ll explore a range of topics from keeping fit to landing dream jobs to launching your own side business to experiencing depression to, well, anything “life”. We’ll begin part 1 of the Keepin’ It One Hunnit series with dating. Here’s what dating (no, not relationships) after college has been like for me and many of my friends. Ready?

Here we go.

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5 Simple Things to Start Doing For Success

cupoftj tips for success

In today’s world, with everyone trying to be advanced and sophisticated, we can easily forget how doing the simplest things can get us to the next level we so desperately want to achieve. Basic habits that should be established are thrown out the window and replaced with time-consuming activities such as networking at large conferences, participating in endless Twitter chats, finding the right financial adviser, and the continuous downloading of mobile apps hoping that they’ll ease up our daily pains.

Today, let’s take a step back and focus on the basic things that we should really be doing instead. Not only because they matter, but because they’ll help us get ahead of everyone else who are still complicating their reach for success.

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Three Things Every College Student Needs To Do

cupoftj college students need to do

When I hazily entered college, I wanted to become a lawyer. I wanted to be an intelligent and sexy woman winning case after case in a well-fitted suit. I wanted to be the modern day Harvey Specter. Except I’m much shorter, much less attractive, and not a fictional character on a popular television show.

Right. So, that dream did not come true.

So what did I end up doing in college? I honestly just screwed up a lot. Yeah, pretty much. I tried changing my major three times. Three whole times. And ended up keeping the major I came in with anyways. I’ve taken a bunch of classes I never actually needed and joined a ton of clubs that I never actually stayed active in. I dated douche bags, got crazy drunk, and woke up every weekend wondering why hangovers actually exist.

But amongst all this screwup, all this crazy living of a girl in her 20s, I learned so much. I learned so much because I literally threw myself in front of a bus so many times that I eventually taught myself how to survive. And as a senior in college now, I want to offer advice to those who are still in college. To those who are just entering college. And to anyone who maybe just need a little guidance in their life. There are three things every college student needs to do.

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